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Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries

A Workable Approach to Evangelism

Do you struggle to motivate your members toward evangelism?   Is your “invite them to church” approach broken?   You’re not alone. The program-based model

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Building Healthy Leaders & Teams

Upending Your Operating System

You should read last week’s blog. It’s called “Why I Quit Pastoring in Hawaii.” An angry friend emailed, describing the article as “rude, hateful, arrogant,

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Church Planting & Multiplication

Why I Quit Pastoring

I’m not your pastor, and this is not a church. One Sunday in early 1984, I informed Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay that I was no

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A Leader's Personal Needs

Isolated In Your Family

Pastor’s families live in semi-isolation because congregations hold them on a pedestal. However, a larger problem is isolation of the pastor from their family.  

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