Microchurch: How to Multiply Without a Lot of Money

It was an intimidating moment.

The pastor of a church three times the size of anything I ever led demanded that I “justify” the existence of a Microchurch since it would be too small to host an elder board.

Before I could answer, a friend jumped in, “Ralph, don’t answer him until he first justifies his megachurch through the eyes of the last half of the book of Acts.”

I was off the hook for what would have become a bloody argument because I know the church’s history back to the beginning. While there are elders in Acts, etc. There are no elder boards mentioned in Lystra, Derbe or – you get my drift.

My goal is to help you become a leader that you would respect enough to follow along the way to making disciples of every ethne or people group. It turns out that launching microchurches is an inexpensive and fruitful tool for that task.

In my coaching platform and leaking into podcasts and blogs, I’ve just launched a new module. In this series, we’ll look at the following nine items.

  1. Microchurch What Is It and How Do You Justify It?
  2. Thinking Missional Microsites
  3. Three Kingdom Benefits to Microchurch as a Multiplication Tool
  4. Three Selfish Benefits Stemming from Microchurch as a Multiplication Tool
  5. Micro Most Common: Projecting Future from History
  6. Macro Serving Micro: A Network Model
  7. A Template for You to Modify: A Microchurch Model
  8. How to Motivate and Mobilize Potential Microchurch Planters
  9. Shifts/Tensions You Will Face If You Move Toward Microchurches

The coaching platform is inexpensive, and the material digs a lot deeper than we can cover in a short blog or on YouTube. If you think it would help you become that leader, you would want to follow CLICK HERE for more information and a seven-day free trial. Or, check the YouTube video for a fuller explanation.



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