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Hi, I’m Ralph Moore

 I’ve been in your shoes having planted churches in confusing cultures and without adequate resorces. 


Yet we managed to multiply churches that multiplied churches – to nine generations in one series. And there are more than 2,600 congregations stemming from 12 people meeting the first week in the original Hope Chapel.


I’m here to share disruptive tools that I learned through nearly five decades of making disciples and multiplying new congregations.


I hope to guide you into ministry you can enjoy and to help you become a leader you would want to follow.

Three pathways to positive change...


Published weekly to sharpen your skillset. It comes from a biblical perspective influenced by more than five decades of experience planting, leading and multiplying churches. Guraranteed fresh perspectives.


Weekly insights from leaders on the frontlines in this rapidly changing environment. Guests are mostly starting embryic movements. People like you learning from people like you.

Equippers Lab

– New training video with accompanying mp3 & slides twice each month.
– Use the material to equip your team.
– Join your peers in a monthly Zoom roundtable.

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