A Church Planter’s Version of Paradise


The last seven days were incredible.

My wife and I first attended the 45th anniversary of the first Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach, Califonia (www.hopechapel.org) .

We hung out with Zac and Julie Nazarian who carried the church far forward while launching many churches. We saw friends we have loved from afar and got to spend time with Richard Agozzino who planted Branch of Hope–the first church to come out of Hope Hermosa. For us, planting churches began with Richard and some people who needed a church closer to home. Without the first there would never have been 2,300+ others.

After that we hooked up with Todd Wilson and Dave Ferguson at Exponential West. They hosted 2,500 prospective church planters and/or senders at Mariner’s Church in Irvine. Speakers included Rick Warren. The air pulsed with enthusiasm and a godly kind of fear that comes with people launching forward in faith toward uncharted territory. The entire conference was about making disciples, church planting and church multiplication.

Last night Ruby and I went to a dinner hosted by New Thing (www.newthing.org) , a loose network of church planters and coaches. They are responsible for 1,000+ church plants over the last decade. Exponential fires people up. New Thing connects them to each other. To me this is important because they make no attempt to control people. The Holy Spirit does that.

You can go catch the Exponential conference by purchasing a video package (www.exponential.org). They also offer a ton of free books written by people who are actually planting churches and launching others.

I feel very privileged to know these people!!!




4 thoughts on “A Church Planter’s Version of Paradise”

  1. Matthew Costantino

    I attended the 8 am service at Hope in Hermosa for the 45th anniversary and have since watched the sermon from the 10:45 service; what a blessing you and Ruby are!

    I will probably watch at least 1 more time; I gain something each time!

    Matt Costantino

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