A Workable Approach to Evangelism

Do you struggle to motivate your members toward evangelism?


Is your “invite them to church” approach broken?


You’re not alone. The program-based model is failing and never touched more than 30 percent of people still interested in Christianity.


We need to equip and activate every Christ-follower as an everyday missionary.


But we face a (surmountable) problem: the biggest obstacle to equipping our members for evangelism is fear.


Infusing your members with confidence is possibly more important than giving them a complete understanding of the gospel.


Some may argue that a well-stocked apologetics toolbox is the solution to our dilemma. I disagree as I’ve often watched the newest converts bringing people to faith faster than I thought possible. Radically transformed people bubble over with good news. But those who have known Jesus for a while are often more reticent.


But how do we address those fears without diluting our message? It’s certainly possible and not that difficult.


One key is to slow the process in the minds of your people. Evangelism is a process, not an event. Another is to help your members think of sharing faith as reconciliation rather than a battle to fight or a debate to win.


Everyday missionaries realize they needn’t sell anything. They can bring Jesus into regular conversations in non-threatening ways. Prayer with friends becomes natural, leading to deeper conversations and questions about spirituality. The result is a growing belief in Jesus.

If nothing changes, churches will continue to shrink while members remain impotent amid fields white unto harvest.


Equipping ordinary believers with a gradualistic approach to personal evangelism in the course of daily friendships will reap an enduring harvest. Discipling people into Christ is easier than discipling them after conversion.


I recently wrote a book called, Equipping Everyday Missionaries in a Post-Christian Era. it’s designed to help you overcome the fears that your members feel when approaching friends with the gospel. This is perhaps more difficult than ever as we live in a post-Christian society–one which views our faith as archaic or even an enemy. The book offers a workable plan for equipping, even scripting, church members for productive conversations about Christ.


Published by Exponential, you can access it at Amazon in Kindle or paperback. Better yet, download the free version from the Exponential website.

After reading the book I’d love to read your comments here and on the Amazon page.



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