doing church in a post-Christian era

Break the Paradigms that Prevent Growth & Multiplication

Our world drastically changed in recent decades. The prevailing culture is becoming hostile to our message. However, Jesus still rules and the Spirit and the Word hold lessons for reaching the "unreachable."

Reverse the trend of negative church growth

It’s not too late to redeem our culture. However, we can’t continue past paradigms while expecting a different set of results.

Join us to design a better future for your church and family.

  • Benefit from on-demand courses steeped in years of productive experience making disciples and multiplying churches.
  • Learn why we’ve fallen out of favor in the surrounding culture.
  • Discover ancient tools that touch hearts beyond whatever philosophy or politics may appear as barriers.
  • Re-examine the harvest to uncover pathways to evangelism among our greatest critics.
  • Learn to offload burdens on your time and finances as we venture into an uncertain future.

This Course Includes

Fifteen In-Depth Videos

Material you won't find elsewhere. This is discruptive thinking intended to help you face your future with confidence.

PowerPoint Slide Decks

The purpose is to equip you to equip your team. You can modify and teach from the slides or just show the videos.

Occasional CheatSheets

CheatSheets bring added value. We publish them whenever data overload might threaten the focus of the lesson.

Hi, I'm Ralph Moore

You are probably struggling with problems I faced during nearly six decades of church leadership.

Your world is more complex than mine ever was. That’s why I’m hoping to serve as a guide. When we started planting churches many called us rebels because we trained pastors in the local church rather than seminary. We cut territory where few had gone – and we were mostly misunderstood.  That shouldn’t happen to you!

We created the Equippers Lab so you won’t be alone but can count on a friend to guide you along your chosen path.  

I learned the hard way and you can too. Or, you can get help by joining me and others in our monthly Roundtable Calls and certainly via the two video training sessions we publish each month. 

When you join you not only get this course, you also gain access to the entire library of on-demand video courses.

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