Activating An Army by Todd Wilson

What would our world look like if the body of Christ was truly activated and engaged in joining God’s work in the way He designed and for His purposes?

Ephesians 1 tells us the mission of the Church is to carry the fullness of Jesus into every crack and cranny of society. Ephesians 2:10 says that we are each given a unique design and purpose to play in God’s mission for the church. We can’t do that simply by inviting people to church. We must mobilize an army of missionaries deployed on their unique personal calling into every corner of society.

This picture energizes me and is at the heart of healthy Kingdom multiplication. One of the key messages I write about in my book, More, is the need for church leaders to courageously play their part in activating the body of Christ. You have an opportunity to lead a church that helps people understand, embrace and live out their personal calling, creating environments where discipleship flows naturally.

Exponential is committed to inspiring and equipping you to move toward Kingdom multiplication as you make and mobilize disciples who engage their calling and join God’s work. I hope you’ll check out these resources featuring Alan Hirsch, Hugh Halter, Will Mancini, Jimmy Carroll and others as you consider your role in mobilizing people in the sweet spot of their unique personal calling.

Todd Wilson




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