Church Planting Tensions Ralph Moore & Dave Ferguson (Exponential)

Watch this 17 minute video with Dave Ferguson, President of Exponential and myself. In it we discuss some of the tensions accompany church planting. Church multiplication is important. We need to deal with the inevitable tensions it brings.

You’ll gain insight into how we saw one congregation of 12 people turn into 2,300-plus churches through church multiplication.

The Rest Of The Story

After watching the video, you may want to explore the story further through my (somewhat autobiographical) book, Let Go Of The Ring. The theme came from Bilbo Baggins and Lord of the Rings, long before the movies came out. It is a narrative about letting go of those things that give us a false sense of security, so we can get a grip on the adventures God has for us.

I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments box below. Have you experienced the church planting tensions we talk about in the video?

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4 thoughts on “Church Planting Tensions Ralph Moore & Dave Ferguson (Exponential)”

  1. Hi Ralph, I cannot access the video can you add the link to the YouTube as even a search in YouTube was not fruitful.



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