Equipping Everyday Missionaries

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Equipping You to
Equip Everyday Missionaries

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Unpacking the Power of Non-Influential Influencers

Would you like to help your people overcome the inbuilt cultural barriers between them and nearby people groups?

Equip your members to see cracks in the walls separating them and those they encounter daily or through organized outreach.

Explore new ways to maximize existing church programs to invade the diversity on your doorstep (including interest and identity groups).

  • Nine lessons – Each includes a 25-minute video with companion mp3 and teachable slide deck. 
  • Cheat sheets where appropriate.
  • Email access – Get your questions answered.
  1. The Pesky Problem of Operating Systems (why addition orientations struggle with multiplication)
  2. Missionary Lessons from Ancient Rome (unleashing the power of non-influential influencers)
  3. How an Effective Paradigm Can Instigate Effectual Evangelism (new birth as a process rather than an event)
  4. Friendmaking Precedes Disciplemaking (its lifesharing not a classroom)
  5. Lighten Up, Evangelism Requires Time (removing pressure from leaders and followers)
  6. Five Practical Prayers Into a Personal Mission Field (helping our members discover a personal vision) FREE PREVIEW
  7. Cracking Cultural Confines (six questions to open doors in the lives of the 70 percent unreached in the West)
  8. Deflecting Anger and Arguments – publishes on February 14
  9. Why, How and When Multiplication Happens – publishes on February 28

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