Forget Something?

Old guys like to remember the good times.

I know – I’m old!

But the 70s were more than a time of turmoil. Those were easy times to plant a church.

Sure, we were recovering from three assassinations, Broadway shows fixated on beating up on Jesus and even full-frontal nudity. But they were good times for (some) churches.

Those that embraced the revival with its “come as you are” attitudes grew and multiplied.

For us, that meant gathering for an hour of mainly singing songs nearly verbatim from scripture. Add an hour in a Bible chapter and toss in food and fellowship. Life was pretty easy.

Then it ended.

How I knew the “Jesus Movement” was a revival is that I remember when it ended.

Leading a church got a little trickier—more complicated. We needed more than singing, Bible study and fellowship (a freedom still enjoyed by today’s microchurches).

But we weathered it. Pretty well, as we began multiplying churches across California, the Midwest and even the East Coast.

Then came the lull.

Many former red-hot Jesus-freaks “matured” into materialistic yuppies. Not a good thing.

The message we received was Jesus’ warning to the Church at Ephesus to return to our first love. Some did. Some didn’t.

Those who chose to abide in Christ prospered and bore fruit. Those who hungered and thirsted for more of God were satisfied by his words that never return void. We learned that his thoughts are genuinely superior to ours and so on.

I guess I’m writing this to ask if you’ve forgotten something? Is your first love alive and well, or a memory?



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