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Access all coaching materials including EBooks, mp3s and fresh new videos every two weeks. Download and keep whatever appeals to you and feel free to cancel if it doesn’t work for you.

You’ll gain valuable insights into:
  1. Embedding Multiplication Deep into Your Church Culture
  2. How to Plant/Launch Microchurches: A Primer for Multiplying Without a Lot of Money
  3. How to Plant and Lead a Church in the Post-Evangelical World
  4. Keep the Main Things the Main Things: Maximizing Your Time Without Destroying Your Life and Relationships
  5. Deep and Wide: Building Solid Bible Knowlege into a Congregation Without Boring People to Death
  6. Coaching for Leverage: Clutching New Opportunities to Leverage Your Gifts in Others
  7. Start Now to Leave a Legacy to Outlive You: How Thinking Beyond Your Lifetime Generates Better Decisions Today
  8. Maximizing Multiplication: Facing the Tensions Which Keep Many from the Prize
  9. Flex and Pivot: Embracing New Technologies While Retaining Your Biblical Mission and Strategy
  10. Bulletproofing Your Church: Learning to Avoid the People and Pitfalls that Defeat Church Planters
  11. Marriage and Ministry: Helping a Pastor’s Spouse Enjoy Family, Church and Extended Ministry
  12. Your Money: Achieving Financial Freedom on a Pastor’s Salary
  13. Write That Book: Why and How Every Church Planter Can and Should Write a Semi-Autobiography
  14. Hire, Fire and Manage in Between: Strategies and Tools to Ensure Success for Those Who Partner with You
  15. Church Money: How to Stay out of Jail, Out of the News and In Trust with Your People

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