Here Comes Another Podcast…

I’ve decided to produce a podcast.

I find myself coaching a lot of younger men and women who are deeply committed to ministry. As I do, it seems that many share the same set of ministry challenges. This is true of church planters, but also of everyone facing a culture that is increasingly immune to the gospel.

The fields are white unto harvest but the harvesters are weary. My personal problem is that there are not enough hours in a week for all the Zoom calls that I’d like to make. I’m hoping that the podcast will allow me to come alongside of leaders who face obstacles that I did during my tenure as a pastor. My goal is to help pastors and church leaders become the kind of leader they would actually like to follow.

The first installment is a history of how I got involved in ministry, then disciplemaking and church multiplication. The next few episodes will zero in on church multiplication, especially for leaders intending to sponser their disciples as church planters. After that we’ll move to a series of seventeen crucial lessons about leadership that I’ve gleaned from various mentors.

I’m nervous about doing this–fearful that you may not find it useful. So, I’d appreciate any coaching or feedback you may offer.

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14 thoughts on “Here Comes Another Podcast…”

  1. What a great idea doing a podcast! Al and I got blessed hearing your words of encouragement this morning. Thanks Ralph…have a blessed day?

  2. G’day Ralph,

    I enjoy your blog and I’d like to hear your podcast. Unfortunately clicking on either link sends me to Apple News. I’ve googled your podcast and the link returned also sends me to Apple News. Please advise.



  3. Your track record of leadership and wisdom is a resource of hugh value. Those you mentor will benefit immensely. You have not only led in creative and original ways, you have stayed in touch with the Lord and sensed when it has been time to shift gears and redirect your efforts, instead of simply grinding onward. May those who follow you be as fruitful as you are. Blessings!

  4. Thank you, Ralph! Your testimony and wisdom has already been a true blessing to me as I seek to develop a disciple making culture in our congregation in Durban, South Africa! I look forward to hearing more! I can’t find where to subscribe to the podcast, but I do get your emails.

  5. Hi Ralph & Ruby,
    What a breath of fresh air! I have always appreciated your style of sharing, teaching, and discipleship. Our journey together was a long time ago, but in those years a foundation was built for both me and Cherie that is strong today. I look forward to listening in to “catch up” with you and glean the wisdom God will pass on through you. Cherie and I are about to launch into a new adventure and who knows where it will go?

    All the best to you two and the rest of your family! Maybe we’ll get a chance to cross paths again…

  6. What I have enjoyed, Ralph, is that you have been on a journey. Other than what we have been commanded to do, we have a blank canvas with our creativity & the Holy Spirit. That is, ‘toil & struggle & the power of God’ (Col.1:29). I have never been bored in ministry. Frustrated & disappointed: yes!! But never bored. There have always been new & fresh things to learn. That to me is encouraging. From what you are saying, we don’t have to have all the answers but enjoy being a pioneer on a journey of discovery. Blessings.

  7. This is great, Ralph. Huge blessing. I’m the freelance pastor you talked to at the Pastor Greg Wigfield’s church last month (Liberty Church Network). Would love to connect with you. Much love!
    Mike Prah

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