Is Micro/Underground an Option For You?

News coming from China is depressing if you love the church.

The army and police are destroying buildings – buildings where I have preached. But the saddest news is that the traditional underground church is paying a price for seeking higher visibility.

On a trip just prior to COVID, I taught a seminar to a very mixed audience.

The underground church showed up in force and courage. We were only allowed 25 people in a meeting and Christian gatherings were illegal when led by a foreigner. 80+ people showed up.

The kicker was that the sponsors were freaking out over the presence of a woman pastor who brought a dozen investment bankers to the meeting. They acted as if she and her crew were a threat which I never figured out.

She was hot, they were not.

The missionaries and underground leader grumbled over everything I taught—stuff I thought America had learned from the underground church in China.

Disciplemaking new pastors was too radical.

Meeting in homes was taboo.

The underground had found visibility and megachurches and they loved both. But they would soon pay a price—church buildings are being destroyed across the land. Pastors are once again imprisoned for their faith.

It’s scary to be a Christ-follower in the world’s largest nation.

But what of the investment bankers led by a female microgenetisist? They sucked up everything about microchurch, disciplemaking pastors and meeting secretly.

I can no longer safely contact those people though several of them met my friends and I for a mini-seminar in Tokyo. They can still visit the West, we cannot visit them without endangering them.

So, here’s the lesson for your church in an increasingly post-Christian world. Is micro/underground an option for you? Perhaps you need to think multimodal, offering a traditional church alongside microchurches and digichurches.

The world is waiting for us!

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