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A few months ago, I interviewed my friend Jason Shepperd–in a car outside an Exponential event in Houston. The result is a great podcast. One that promises to expand the footprint of your church and lighten your load in the process.

Jason is a self-confessed church reductionist. His team minister to thousands each week. House church pastors in their network actually pastor people. These are not home Bible studies but microchurches operating in a large network. The yoke is light, the burden is easy (at least easier than many of us know). If you’re burdened under the weight of the church you lead. Or, if you’ve been forced to re-think church due to how you handled COVID-19, you’ll love Jason and his world.

Jason Shepperd grew frustrated after working for several large churches that seemed to miss the beauty and simplicity of church as we see it in the New Testament. The result was a house church, then a cluster of them and then thousands of people meeting on Sundays as a collective of house churches. The further result is Church Projects across Texas, Colorado, California and in Africa. For the rest of the story, catch the podcast for a 23 minute interview with Jason.

We followed the first podcast with a second. This one pinpoints the ease with which this network of house churches was able to pivot to operating digitally as a result of the pandemic. The movement is rapidly expanding both in its hometown of Houston and in cities across America and even overseas. To hear the second podcast, click here.

Jason writes…

Church Project began with a mission to RETHINK church and RETURN to the essence of leading, gathering and living the way Christ and the early church intended.  Our intent is to be unashamedly BIBLICAL, irreducibly SIMPLE, understandably RELEVANT to all, and radically GENEROUS. We are an organism, not an organization. We believe that Christ changes lives, and that His church can be the most powerful influence of love and change on the planet. We want to change the way people see Christ, Christians, and the Church.

We are on a continual pursuit of becoming who God originally intended us & church to be. We pursue the biblical, simple, powerful early church model of church. The early church gathered weekly by the thousands in a simple way to study the Scriptures, pray, and give, so we do similar Sunday gatherings. The early church gathered by the dozens in House Churches to live in a diverse discipleship community, so we gather similarly in house churches. The early church gave their lives and money to do ministry, so we serve and give through ministry partnerships.



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