LEADERSHIP: Bulletproof Your Life and Ministry

Fewer than 15 percent of pastors finish well or make it to retirement.
We can ensure that you are among those who finish both well and strongly.

Course Curriculum Includes:

1→ Primary Reasons Why Pastors Quit
2→ Combatting Low Self-Esteem in Pastors
3→ Overcoming Feelings of Isolation and Loneliness (preview)
4→ Neutralizing Burnout
5→ Inadequate Training for Ministry Challenges
6→ Coping with Unsupported Vision
7→ Taming Toxicity in Churches 
8→ Low Pastors Salaries & Diminished Self Esteem (8.31.2022)
9→ Effective Remuneration for Pastors and Church Staff
The course includes 9 video/audio teachings, editable PowerPoints and CheatSheets. You can use these materials to help your church board help you.

While many don't survive, I can help you thrive...

You are probably struggling with problems I faced during nearly six decades of church leadership.

Your world is more complex than mine ever was. That’s why I’m hoping to serve as a guide. When we started planting churches, many called us rebels because we trained pastors in the local church rather than in a seminary. We cut into territory where few Americans ventured – and we were mostly misunderstood.  That shouldn’t happen to you!

This course will help you overcome the factors causing many pastors to quit vocational ministry. It should also help you get more pay and a benefits package that works for you. 

We’ll deal with everything from money problems to burnout to how to deal with toxic members (a very toxic individual once tried to get me fired).

The course costs $299, but you can have it and more if you join the Equippers Lab for just $29/month. We created the courses and the Equippers Lab so you won’t be alone but can count on a friend to guide you along your chosen path.  

When you join the Equippers Lab, you not only get this course, you also gain access to the entire library of on-demand video courses (as long as you are enrolled).

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Occasional CheatSheets

CheatSheets bring added value. We publish them whenever data overload might threaten the focus of the lesson.

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You May Wonder

The scorecard has flipped from bigger is better to more churches will change more lives.

My personal history sets me up to help you as you expand from addition growth into making disciples who make disciples and planting churches which plant churches. 

The materials are designed for you to train your team. You can show the videos or utilize, even modify, the slide presentations to personalize your teaching. The Cheatsheets bring an added dimension of usefulenss.

Unfortunately not. The material is licensed for your use only.

You can always get help from support@ralphmoore.net. We’re a small operation so give us a few hours to respond.

If you’re planting a church these materials will set you on a path toward disciplemaking and church multiplication form the first day. You will avoid many pitfalls. 

Remember our goal is to help you become a leader you would want to follow–this starts with making disciples and multiplying churches!