Learning Church Multiplication from India and Asia—Guest Nick Klinkenberg

Nick Klinkenberg is a church multiplier in New Zealand.

The view from outside our own culture is often clearer as it is unclouded by tradition and politics. An occasional look abroad is good for anyone.

Several years ago, I first met Dr. R. (Bobby) Gupta at a church planting forum in London. I remember the day well. He spoke about his Hindustan Bible Institute (HBI), training leaders to begin new churches. The students fully graduate when they have planted a church or were part of a team that planted. It was one of those poignant moments for me.

Fast forward 27 years to February 2013 and I was in Chennai at HBI. It was so exciting to hear that in the past 3 decades over 7000 churches had been planted! That’s multiplication! Included in this were new movements that are self-sustaining and multiplying.

In 2015, and again in 2016, I had the privilege to meet Ying Kai, missionary to Asia. He has seen over 2 million people water baptized and 150,000 churches planted! That’s multiplication!

It’s fascinating to note that, Ying Kai and his team didn’t focus on finances, seminary trained leaders, buildings or size of church before planting as most churches were small. Maybe small is the new big? He realized a timeless truth, making disciples and multiplication go together.

I wonder if we should take our models from the East?

In the 1880’s the Methodists in North America were planting at least one church a day, sometimes two a day! That’s multiplication! (for the full story, see pages 21-22 from the book “Multiplication…”). If it happened then, could it happen now, with all our resources and experience?

Multiplication, is part of a Christ follower’s DNA. It’s such a Biblical word!

Do you realize God wants you to multiply, not simply to add?

Are we addicted to addition?

Do you have a multiplication mindset?

For more see “Multiplication, Inspiration and Tools for Church Planting”.


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