Microchurch Networks

"I Get Multiplication But Feel Like We Can't Afford It!"

So How Can Limited Resources Get You from Your Jerusalem to Your Samaria and the Ends of the Earth?

Have you noticed that methods that worked just five years ago are dead ends?

Most don’t appeal to a polarized culture still needing Jesus.

And they are resource-heavy.

We need a new approach.

We need it now!


Microchurch Networks: A Primer for Multiplying Without a Lot of Money

Microchurch as a Tool

Microchurches appeal to a culture which rejects formality, sees church as a negative yet hungers for meaning. 

Anticipating a Network

You need little in the way or resources to disciple and release leaders into a network of microchurches.

Pathway to People Groups

Who in your church comes from a different culture? That person is a bridge to that other culture.

Microchurch Networks equips you to disciple, equip and release bivocational microchurch planters from within your congregation.


Learn how simple New Testament patterns are working, not just on foreign soil but also in the United States.


Discover how those nations Jesus described include more than language or country of origin. 


Motivate people you may have considered incapable of leadership.


Reproduce your own life in the lives of many others. 

   Microchurch Networks:
   A Primer for Multiplying Without a Lot of Money

   1→ Microchurch: What Is It and How Do You Justify It?

   2→ Consider “Missional Microsites” as a Bridge

   3→ Three Kingdom Benefits to Microchurch as a Multiplication Tool

   4→ Five Local Benefits from Microchurch Planting

   5→ Micro Most Common: Projecting the Future from History

   6→ Their Kind of People: Following the Oikos Path to Evangelism

   7→ Anticipating a Microchurch Network

   8→ A Template For You to Modify

   9→ Macro Serving Micro: A Network Model

  10→ Cautiously Repositioning from Pastor to Missionary/Network Leader

  11→ Motivating Key Leaders Toward Microchurch

  12→ Motivating While Negotiating Change

  13→ Motivating Your Team Through Positive Deviance

  14→ Six Reasons Why Some Microchurches Should Go Online

  15→ Managing Micro Multiplication and Network Tensions

  Includes 15 video/audio teachings, editable PowerPoints and CheatSheets.

Hi, I'm Ralph Moore

I recently launched a digital microchurch — my first.

I spent my life leading big churches while equipping pastors through in-house microchurches.

We operated microchurches  as a disciplemaking continuum and as an equipping ground for church planters. We even developed a simple training module which replaced the need for seminary.  But only recently did I discover the incredible power of microchurches to activate more people and to reach into people groups other than our own. 

Though we multiplied a lot of  churches we could have done more if we understood then what we do now!

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