Rapid Microchurch Multiplication in Kenya from Hawaii via WhatsApp

Randall Ishida has stage four cancer.

He’s on some kind of wonder drugs that actually might save his life. However, someone spread a social media rumor that he died.

A Facebook “friend” connected with him to ask why Randall had spread such a rumor if he was still alive and hanging around. The conversation turned into a friendship.

They eventually discovered that they both knew members of a short-term missions group from Hawaii that had been running evangelistic eyeglass clinics in Kenya a decade ago.

The upshot is that Randall who leads microchurches as a side-hustle is now coaching Peter via WhatsApp on a daily basis. Peter has launched a bunch of microchurches with virtually no resources in just a month.

Peter is a welder by trade. He can afford transportation to travel between villages. People are coming to Christ at a rapid clip. More importantly Randall is discipling Peter who is discipling leaders of each microchurch who, in turn, disciple their people. And they have attracted positive attention from denominational groups who want to learn how simple New Testament standards produce better growth and multiplication than modern tools.

This is an exciting story of God working through goofy things and building his kingdom through people with limited resources – “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have…

Click the image to watch the interview describing surprising results with limited resources…



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