Root Culture of Communication

A friend recently revealed the “secret sauce” of Hope Chapels.

He told me, “this is something you never teach, but I learned it from you anyway.” So much for making disciples…

He said the secret sauce is that we established a root culture of communication at every level in our movement.

He discovered it in our disciplemaking continuum that asks people to communicate their communication with Jesus to one another, transparency tinted with action surfaces with little programming.

The genesis of the disciplemaking continuum was straightforward.

Our initial search was for a process flexible enough to work in every stage of the disciplemaking process.

We came up with three easy-to-remember questions that aid in process evangelism and do when discipling potential church planters.

Three Simple Goals

The primary goals were the ability to work with or without curriculum, to curricularize any material from scripture to a video clip to a book, and to build a model that would scale infinitely.

We devised a concept for meeting in small groups, including just two people. Asking, overtly or subtly, “What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you? What will you do because of that? What can I/we do to help you obey the Spirit’s call?

When you get people listening for the voice of the Spirit and announcing a plan, you prime them for action. Add in the spiritual gifts that emerge when we begin supporting one another, and you set your members up for ministry—both inreach and outreach.

From Process Evangelism to Training Church Planters

From friendship evangelism (disciplemaking) to small groups to leadership development, a similar communications culture is at the core of any effective church multiplication movement.

The graphic helps illustrate this concept if you realize that the numbers three, 12 and 120 are flexible and that a group of any size, from micro to macro, needs people communicating deeply in threes and dozens if it would multiply. The smaller numbers and accompanying structures are easily and infinitely reproducible and can operate in any culture and political environment.

Viable Tools for a Different Future

Our nation will remain divided in the foreseeable future.

We thought we were in trouble after the last election. The pandemic and recent Supreme Court decisions highlighted just how far apart we remain as a people—including Christ-followers.

As political conflicts overtake our nation, we will show ourselves wise to prepare people to operate without the trappings of large buildings, etc. The heart of our future lies in our ability to build a communication culture among our people and those we will meet, friends or enemies (we’re called to love them, too).



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