The Church on Monday

Once upon a time I thought church was not a building, but a building full of people. In those days I dreamed of filling a small building in Manhattan Beach, California (66 adults would do it).

Within weeks our congregation in the community outstripped the number jammed into that little building. We became a disciple-making machine. From there, like salt and light, we began to penetrate our community.

The building was important, as a clubhouse for fellowship and an equipping center, but it was never a church. The church was and is the kingdom of God serving the king everywhere people go. From this simple “insight” we grew into a movement (

If you follow Jesus, you are the church on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… However, much of who we are begins in fellowship and equipping for ministry. In our culture this often happens on Sunday. Catch up on some fresh ways to live out the life of the kingdom wherever you are.

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