Six Steps Toward Multiplying MicroChurches–Lessons from Britain

If you read my book, Mega.Multi.Multiply you met my friend Surekha Hulugale. He moved to London from his native Sri Lanka a couple of decades ago when his company transferred him as an IT professional. He immediately touched off a church multiplication movement.

I’m publishing Six links here to help you understand just how he did that.

Coming from a church that has planted a couple of thousand microchurches (some have grown from micro to macro), he was expected to plant a church as an intentional missionary making use of the company provided opportunity. Today, that single house church has grown into a larger congregation and a network of several dozen churches, mostly led by businessmen and other professionals throughout the U.K. Many of the leaders are immigrants from African nations. The beauty is their reach into traditional English culture.

Surekha produced a series of six videos training people to grasp the opportunities provided by the stay-at-home orders accompanying the pandemic. The first one is an outline for the rest. The introductory video itself is worthy our your attention as it is a roadmap you could follow.

Note the simplicity of the process and the ease with which they produced these videos. Technology is begging us to reproduce disciples and multiply churches…

001 Introduction: Five Possibilities

002 Online Church Planting: Train, Equip and Empower.

003 Online Church Planting: Release and Create

004 Invite and Begin

005 Disciple, Grow and Reproduce

006 Doing Life Together



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