Very Good Church Planting News

I’ve spent my adult life making disciples and multiplying churches. That has often been a lonely road to walk.

For years the general attitude in churches was that we could win our culture to Christ by building bigger churches and filling more seats. I’ve even lost a few friends by holding out for multiplication over addition.

Recently I joined the team at Exponential where they have discovered that only 4 percent of churches have ever planted another church. The Exponential team is dedicated to growing that 4 percent to 10 percent by 2030. This is why I joined them.

This article focuses on some recent data gleaned from Exponential. I’m not posting it to promote Exponential but to share the data as good news for the church in America. It seems that we are making real progress toward planting new churches for a new generation and for the 254 unreached people groups living in our country.

Here is good news on three fronts:

  1. We are gaining ground with more church planters than ever.
  2. Exponential 2019 is sold out—which demonstrates the interest in church planting.
  3. You can watch the main stage events at Exponential 2019 for FREE.

1. We’re Gaining Ground

The number of confirmed countries our attendees are traveling from has increased from 20 to 25 this year. About 5 percent come from outside the United States.

This year marks the first time that there will be someone from each of the fifty states in the US attending. This is especially interesting since there are regional conferences in both Northern and Southern California, Boise, Houston, Chicago, Washington DC and New York. The number of groups of 50 or more attending has increased from 12 to 14.

A close look at the table below demonstrates slow but very real progress toward the goal of changing the mindset from just adding members to making disciples and multiplying churches

Category Last Year This Year
Coming from a church that plants churches



Planted a church in the last 5 years



Currently planting a church (in pre-launch phase)



2. Exponential 2019 in Orlando is Sold Out

This is good news, and even better news is that the event sold out over a month ago. Again, this demonstrates a shifting tide in the thinking of American church leaders. We’ve experienced four decades of thinking, “bigger is better.” During those years the church in America began a slow shrinkage. The way to turn this around is for more, smaller churches built around human need and personal relationship.

Exponential is the largest gathering of church planters in the United States. Exponential’s growth is good for all of us. This is about something greater than Exponential or any other human institution, it is about changing hearts with the Kingdom of God in view.

3. You Can Watch Exponential 2019 ((main stage) for FREE

Since #EXPONENTIAL 2019 IS SOLD OUT, you can watch Francis Chan, Cynthia Marshall, Albert Tate, J.D. Greear, Ed Stetzer and more via the LIVE WEBCAST. Watch for FREE at

So what do you make of all this? Are you seeing growing interest in church planting in your city or your part of the country? Please share some good news in the Comments box below.





5 thoughts on “Very Good Church Planting News”

  1. We are in the process of transitioning from a multi-site Church, to independent Churches who plant Churches. Very exciting times.

  2. Hi Ralph,
    I have been sharing with many, many, people what I have learning about church planting and the current state of the church in America. I have been advocating strongly for our church to become a church planting platform. People are listening and some are acting. A good friend of mine who is from Malaysia attended a Korean church with her Korean husband. The pastor of that church just handed the reins over to another pastor and is starting a house church. My friend is helping him with that church plant. She is also engaging people in her neighborhood, inviting them over to her house to hear people share about how Jesus changed their lives. She is very excited about church planting. The international believers up here in the Pacific Northwest are eager to find out how they can impact the region for God’s kingdom. I love working with them. Yes, I firmly believe a huge shift is coming, praise God!

  3. I am very grateful for what Ralph Moore and Exponential are doing. Today’s Church is at a pivotal moment and they are at the forefront of the innovation driving the change. We have a Great Opportunity before us (see and it is exciting to see leaders ceasing it.

  4. Planting is a good sign that many believe in the GO concept. The pressure on small churches grows when they start to build. They can avoid debt entirely instead of the outmoded debt trap that shuts the door to the third world.

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